Global Peace Games in the SOS Children’s Village Pushkin, Saint Petersburg

November, 06 2010, in the SOS Children’s Village Pushkin (St. Petersburg, Russia), within the Global Peace Games, a remarkable sports event took place. The number of participators and guests were about 55. Participants were the desktop football teams of the SOS Children’s Village Pushkin and the guests from the group of volunteers “We plus”.

The participants of the event put their sign right under the manifesto for the support of culture and peace. All in all, 37 signatures were collected.

The finishing of the 10th Years Anniversary of the Global Peace Games for Children and Youth were special sport action with FC Zenit on November, 28. The six kids from SOS CV Pushkin and volunteers “We plus” have dressed Zenit’s scarfs on the sculptures of the lions on the St.Petersburg’s bridge. It was a present to our SOS sports, football funs from FC Zenit within the celebration of victory the Zenit team in the National football’s championship.

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