Every year thousands of children across Russia lose their parents. Each child has their own story, each story is tragic, and each child is unique. However, their need for continued love and support; their desire to be part of a family is unchanged; and SOS Children’s Villages believes that every child deserves a loving home.

The sad fact is that not every orphan receives this. Too often, children find themselves grieving not just for lost parents, but living in institutions that have nothing in common with a happy family. They face the dreadful prospect of separation from their siblings, institutionalised care, and a growing detachment from society.

However, there are solutions. At our Villages, children receive a fresh start, and the opportunity to enjoy a loving home and family life. Siblings are able to stay together and families live in small houses or apartments, cared for by an SOS Mother who is there to help the children with their homework, encourage them in sports and hobbies, ensure that the chores are shared, everything, in fact, that a traditional family does.

Each of our six Villages is made up of 10 to 15 such family homes, and are supported by a variety of staff, including child psychologists who can help the children overcome the trauma of losing their parents, and speech therapists, teachers and others who are there to provide just that little extra help to give a child the new start they deserve.

At the SOS Children’s Village in Tomolino, families have been giving new starts for 19 years. In that time, 88 children have grown up and gone on to lead independent lives. 32 of those are currently raising their own families. Six are currently studying at or have graduated from Moscow universities and 63 have received personalised vocational training. Many will return to the Village to visit their SOS Mothers and siblings. What does SOS Children’s Villages mean? It means a home and a family. It means the new start and the opportunity to live an independent life.

Our work cannot continue without the support of donors; donors just like you. To reach more children, and to plan effectively for their future, we need to be able to rely on your generosity.

Your decision to support us today will change the life of a child forever. You may never meet that child, but on his or her behalf, thank you.

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