SOS-mother Vera SOS-mother Vera has been working in SOS Children Village Tomilino (Moscow region) since 1996, when the Village was launched. 

She’s unique: in spite that she had no her own children, she’s a real mother by her heart – loving, accepting, guarding and guiding. One of her first children, Vova, came to her house when he was 1 year old. He had a long list of medicine diagnoses; he didn’t sit and didn’t talk. He was refused by mane potential adopting parents because of his physical state. But SOS-mother Vera had the main medicine – love. 

sos-mother-Vera.jpgWith time her child started to sit, then talk, then walk. Now Vova is 15 years old, he’s a tall always-smiling boy, with active approach to life. What’s her main motherhood secret? She sees only good sides of every child, and every child tries to do his best to be that good. 

At the moment SOS-mother Vera is already a SOS-grandmother of 4 children!