Nadezhda worked like an orphanage director for many years, seeing how this system breaks children’s souls. 


With time, her daughter had grown up, the orphanage was closed, and Nadezhda was left alone. She was thinking a lot about what she would like to do further, and the one she was sure of was that she wanted to share her life and her love with abandoned children, but not within government system of orphanages.

By occasion she saw an advertisement in a newspaper about SOS-mothers recruiting; she came to watch what is it and stayed there. This year Nadezhda has her first SOS leaver, her son has gone to Youth facility. She’s worrying about him a lot, of course, and he often visits his mother. 

But life is going on, this May 2 little boys, 3 and 4 years, came to her house. And in September 3 new kids – two girls and one boy – joined them. Daily mother’s routine occupies Nadezhda’s life. 

“What does it mean to be a mother? To set clear rules of family daily life, for making a child feel safe. To make him believe that today, tomorrow and always mother will be near, loving and supporting”.