SOS Youth Facilities: a chance for the future for orphaned children

Turning 16 teenagers from SOS Children’s Villages move from their family houses to the SOS Youth Facilities. Till they turn 18 they live together in a block of flats or in a private building. The individual course of upbringing continues here and pedagogues supervise their life and assist them in acquiring social and practical skills that are necessary for independent life.

Again unlike state orphanages graduates 90% of whom cannot find their place in life due to lacking of basic social skills and experience teenagers from SOS Youth facilities receive strong support in resolving all the goals they have in the beginning of their independent adult life (getting a profession, their own place to live, creating their own family). They also feel a support from their SOS family having a place to come back where they are always welcome and accepted.

Currently there are 5 SOS Youth Facilities in Russia: one in Ljubertsy (Moscow Region), two in Oryol and two in Saint-Petersburg.

SOS FOLLOW-UP PROGRAMME is the final stage of support young adults till the age of 23, during which they are assisted at gaining the profession, obtaining permanent jobs and their own housing.

This young beautiful lady studies in the university and is going to be a doctor soon.