Strong family environment and loving home for children in need

Over 600 000 children are taken into out-of-home care in Russia today.  90% of them have biological parents who cannot support their children. According to statistics more than half of the whole child population lives in disadvantaged families and thus is in the social risk group. Our main goal is to provide as many kids as possible with strong loving family environment that would help them overcome all the grief experiences of their childhood, realize their social potential and start a normal sustainable life as an adults. 

Детские деревни-SOS: крупнейшая международная благотворительная организация в помощь детям-сиротам, альтернатива детским домам, вы можете помочь, сделав пожертвование!
Loving home for every child
Loving home for every child

We take care of more than 1300 children through different projects and our two main focuses are family-based care at SOS Children’s Villages and family strengthening programmes.

Learn more about our programs: SOS Children’s VillagesFamily strengthening projectsFoster families training projectEducational and Advocacy projects

Allmost all the expenditures for housing, education and rehabilitaion of our kids are financed by the individual donations from our Friends and Supporters from all around the world. Join our Friends Club and help us build loving home for kids who lost their families by making a donation now.