Film Island of Childhood

9 July 2013

Film is about SOS Children's Villages Russia.

Materials from Conference

20 September 2012

Download Conference resolution here>>>

SOS Children’s Villages Russia informs you that the Conference New opportunities for young people leaving care support within National action strategy in childrens best interest jointly with the Committee on social policy, labor relations and citizen's life quality will take place on 16 Oct., 2012 at 10 a.m. by the following address: bld.1 , 7, Miusskaya sq-re, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia.
Topics of the conference to be discussed:

- the development of new opportunities in the system of support young people leaving care within National action strategy in childrens best interest;
- the results of Childs Rights Situation Analysis Of children at risk of losing parental care and children who have lost parent care and the results of the countrys alternative researches in this field concerning these target groups in the Russian Federation;
- recommendations and proposals to improving legislation in childs best interest within National action strategy;
- youngsters leaving care experience in Peer Research;
- establishment of constant collaboration of stakeholders working with young people leaving care for developing future joint projects.
The following participants are invited: members of Soviet of Federation (Upper Chamber), deputies of the GosDuma (Lower Chamber), members of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, lawyers, experts and employers of NGOs, both from the Russian Federation and other countries, representatives of federal and regional authorities, family problems and children issues experts, representatives of scientific and research organizations, youngsters leaving care.

For participation please fill in the attached registration form (attachment 1) till 03 Oct.2012 and send it to SOS Childrens Villages Russia to e-mail: with the topic: “conference” or by fax: +7 (499) 125-76-22.

Contact person: Svetlana Belkova
tel: +7 (495) 718-99-18, fax: +7 (499) 125-76-22
the details one can see in the information letter (attachment 2) and conference program (attachment 3) .