Film Island of Childhood

9 July 2013

Film is about  SOS Children's Villages Russia.

Largest international charity organization helping children in need

Since 1949 we take action for children in need as an independent non-governmental social development organization. National associations of SOS Children's Villages are active in 132 countries worldwide. In Russia we work since 1994 and today we take care for more than 1300 children who lost their families or live in families from a social risk group in 6 regions of the country. 

More than 100 000 children in Russia lose their families every year and entering the system of state orphanages most of them also lose their chance for the sustainable future. Our projects are the unique way to solve that crucial problem. At SOS Children's Villages and SOS Youth Facilities we do everything to help those kids feel love again, recover from traumatic experience of losing family and grow up in a stable family environment until they become independent young adults. Through family strengthening programmes we extend our work to supporting disadvantaged families so that they can once again manage their lives independently and care for their children.
Almost all of our projects are financed by the donations from the individuals all around the world. Together with our supporters we are able to build loving home for the children in need and give them hope for the future. Your support is very important! Make a donation now and help us make more.